Dragon Ball Super Saiyan Multiplier


Dragon Ball Super Saiyan Multiplier. Verdika 5 years ago #1. Offers a x10 multiplier of base form power.

The Kaio Ken Explained The Dao of Dragon Ball
The Kaio Ken Explained The Dao of Dragon Ball from thedaoofdragonball.com

150x base legendary super saiyan 2: 2,000,000,000x base (super saiyan god) or 360,000x base (super saiyan) ssgss kaiokenx10: 4,000x base super saiyan god:

25X Base Restricted Super Saiyan:

Super saiyan 4 is a mix of super saiyan and great ape, it gives your character red fur, a ripped shirt, face changes, and a spikier hairstyle. If you want to, post what you think is the multipliers! 1,200x base full power legendary super saiyan 3:

2,000,000,000X Base (Super Saiyan God) Or 360,000X Base (Super Saiyan) Ssgss Kaiokenx10:

Gigantic multiplier on top of base, but i only have blue being 2x god in the manga, and i think it works well, personally. Super saiyan god must be a multiplier of somewhere between 1,102,428x to 4,356,828x, or 1 to 4 million for short. The official multipliers (or at least those that make more sense) are as follow:

Well, Kaioken Is Confirmed To Be A Multiplier That Boosts Power Level, Which Is A Number That Helps Define Someones Ki, Which Can Be Used To Amplify Their Strength, Defense, And Speed.

Surpassing even a super saiyan 5, the super saiyan 6, is assured to be one of the toughest and strongest transformations in all dragon ball z. So we know that great ape is 10 times stronger than base form saiyans, and that super saiyan is a 50 times multiplier of base power level, then ssj 2 is 100 times multiplier (or 2 times stronger than ssj), and that ssj 3 is 400 times stronger than base (or. It has a multiplier of (null).

300X Base Legendary Super Saiyan 3:

The oozaru form (great ape): Achieved usually from a emotional upheaval, it increases the saiyan's power level multiple times to battle against warriors much stronger than them in base. 10x base super saiyan power:

Offers A X50 Multiplier Of Base Form Power.

Full power super saiyan 3: But now we have to talk about the real question here, how does super saiyan work. So classically, the ssj multipliers have always been x50 for ssj, x2 above that for ssj2, and x4 above that for ssj3.

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