Is Dragon Ball Super Canon Reddit


Is Dragon Ball Super Canon Reddit. The only thing that is 100% the same all around is dbs broly because what you see is what you get. Before i watched any of the anime, i bought and read all 42 english volumes.

Goku Drawing by MuhammadAKS on DeviantArt
Goku Drawing by MuhammadAKS on DeviantArt from

If you search online, you will only find theories. Super saiyan god wasn't even his idea, even though the design was. To be blunt, if they are not dragon ball super movies, they are not canon.

I'd Rather Gt Be Considered Canon Over Super.

So after the 2 ‘canon’ movies came out, there was the dragon ball super anime that ended with the tournament of power saga. With dragon ball super done for the foreseeable future, the dragon ball franchise still has lingering questions about the canonicity of the anime series dragon ball gt.since it aired in japan for 64 episodes and a television special from 1996 to 1997, the series' status as being canon has been an ongoing debate among fans even before super was announced as it is the. Is the dragon ball super anime canon?

To Be Blunt, If They Are Not Dragon Ball Super Movies, They Are Not Canon.

The stories for both the anime and manga versions of dragon ball super are indeed written by akira toriyama. Posted by u/[deleted] 5 years ago. The anime series contains a total of 153 episodes and 4 total.

As For Dragon Ball Gt, There Isn’t An Official Answer For Whether Or Not It Is Canon.

Frieza states that he wouldn't mess with buu in resurrection f, but it turns out just working out for 4 months made. There are more super saiyan transformations in the dragon ball canon than just the basic forms. I don't care if toriyama says its canon.

Before I Watched Any Of The Anime, I Bought And Read All 42 English Volumes.

After this, another canon movie was released, named dragon ball super: The anime version which was ahead of the manga and the manga version. When it comes to battle of gods, resurrection 'f' and dragon ball super, it depends on what you want to accept.

Super Is Canon But Super Is Not Canon.

The original toei movies and tv specials are separate from the main storyline, and are entirely optional. The television version of dragon ball was produced by toei animation, and the first series of dragon ball incorporates a total of 194 chapters from the manga. Matters fact, the series was animated in 1984.

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