Dragon Ball Super Tournament Of Power Most Eliminations


Dragon Ball Super Tournament Of Power Most Eliminations. Eliminated by surprise attacks from. The tournament of power’s one of the highest stakes battles in all of dragon ball.

Performance Rankings of the Z Fighters in the Tournament
Performance Rankings of the Z Fighters in the Tournament from morexp.wordpress.com

Kale (universe 6) eliminated 5 competitors, and piccolo (universe 7) eliminated 5 competitors, and gohan (universe 7) eliminated 5 competitors 5. Their team was eliminated after rabanra, zarbuto, and zirloin were hit with a kamehameha from goku. Universe 7 leads the way at this point with an overwhelming 31 eliminations.

Tournament Of Power All Eliminations Dragon Ball Super.

Eliminated by surprise attacks from. The person who eliminated the most during the tournament of power was goku. Most eliminations in tournament of power.

Kale (Universe 6) Eliminated 5 Competitors, And Piccolo (Universe 7) Eliminated 5 Competitors, And Gohan (Universe 7) Eliminated 5 Competitors 5.

Android 17 has the biggest elimination in the tournament of power because, like universe 6's frost, his was unlike any other. The theory, although logical, cannot be real, since, unfortunately, we have several indications that affirm to us that hit is eliminated from the tournament of the power. Master roshi (universe 7) eliminated 4 competitors, caulifla (universe 6) eliminated 4 competitors, #17 (universe 7) has eliminated 4 competitors

Eliminated Himself From Vegeta’s Advice Before He Lost Consciousness.

Ribrianne and her friends weren't strong enough to truly challenge goku or vegeta, but they did manage to hang in there for most of the tournament, even after their leader was defeated by android 18. Sacrificed himself to take out hermila of universe 2. Goku eliminated 11 people who were jiren, comfrey, chappil, bergamo, lavender basil, caulifla, kale, zirloin, zarbuto, rabanra, and nink please check out the will of fire.

For Being The Third Most Successful Fighter In Dragon Ball Super 'S Tournament Of Power, Frieza Was Fairly Subtle About It.

Gohan eliminated u10's obuni (finishing off the universe) and u6's botamo. The first of them is that, when entering his dimension, and leaving a ghost of himself, hit's ghostly body adopts an aura of purple color, which makes us realize that it is not the original. Name the characters who scored the most eliminations in the tournament of power event in the anime series dragon ball super.

This Blast Also Annihilates Much Of The Tournament Arena As Toppo Is Eliminated From The Tournament Of Power.

As goku and vegeta lied on the ground damaged from an. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Only jiren remains standing for universe 11, and the tournament of power counts down.

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