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Dragon Ball Super Saiyan Densetsu. For the player avatar in dragon ball heroes, see tsumuri (dragon ball heroes). Chou saiya densetsu (loosely translated to dragon ball z:

The Super Saiyan (manga chapter) Dragon Ball Wiki
The Super Saiyan (manga chapter) Dragon Ball Wiki from dragonball.wikia.com

Use a sachioro card to bring goku s bp up to 7,499,998. Time starts when you press start on title screen/when you press start on new game. Description super saiya densetsu is based on the popular manga/animé series dragon ball.it follows the events described in the beginning of dragon ball z, the second story block, which tells about the connection of the hero son goku with a powerful alien race, and new mighty foes from far away planets.

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Super saiya densetsu, when a saiyan reaches less than 5 hp, using a full heal item on him (like a card of kami) will result in him receiving a saiyan power and raise his level by 1. Super saiya densetsu or dragon ball z: Gokuu is visiting his friends with his new son, gohan.

Super Saiya Densetsu On The Super Nintendo, Guide And Walkthrough By Kain Stryder.

Legend of the super saiyan is a role playing game and the first dragon ball game for the snes.it was released only in japan on january 25, 1992. Based on the dragon ball manga and anime series, chou saiya densetsu is an enhanced remake of two famicom. Now throw some kamehamehas at frieza and watch him die.

This Game Is Pretty Much The Same As All The Dbz Games On The Nes, In That You Fly Around And Use Cards To Fight.

It is actually a remake that combines two nes games (dragon ball z: Legend of the super saiyan, where he teams up with maima. Then have frieza kill choazu to make goku go super saiyan!

Super Saiya Densetsu (1992) Current As Of Specific Date.

Time ends when final form freeza is defeat message appears. Alguma rom ptbr que funcione? For the player avatar in dragon ball heroes, see tsumuri (dragon ball heroes).

Use A Ki Card With A Z In The Upper Left Corner To Get Goku S Bp Up To About 2,500,000.

Shortly after, his evil brother raditz shows up and kidnaps his son. This can be used early on against raditz, to boost goku's level extremely high. I’m pretty sure that the events in this game are the same as those in the first two nes games (hell, maybe even all three.

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